SW for purchase by Etap

SW for purchase by ESI


Providing technical support at early design stages, reaching system heat dissipation performance requirements at optimal cost, efficiency, low risk, professional production process quality control.

Data Center

Data Center Digital Twin Solutions by Cadence

Cadence offers a software platform for performance-aware design and operational planning of data centers through digital twin technology.

TopC HeatExchanger

Fluid-to-Air Heat Exchanger

Enables air-cooled facilities, with no water infrastructure, to support water-cooled electronics / systems / critical equipment.

RDHX by Coolcenteric

RDHx –  Rear Door Heat-Exchanger
Water-cooled Heat Exchangers series, installed on the rear part of a standard rack.
• Twice as efficient as insulated Hot / Cold Aisle.
3 times more efficient than In-Row.
9 times more efficient than CRAC based systems.

About Optunity

Optunity LTD. Is an engineering company with R&D, H/W and mechanical teams. 

Specializing in design, simulations and manufacturing of thermal devices in Military, Medical, Marine, Aerospace fields etc. 

Also specializing in advanced Data Center design & CFD simulations, with more than 25 years of experience at edge multidisciplinary areas, such as Thermal Packaging, Phase Change, Aeronautics, Water impingement simulations etc. 

For the thermal packaging projects, we offer a complete ‘Turn-Key’ solution. 

We offer simulation services, simulation SW tools for purchase, mechanical and controlling designs, with the added advantage of prototyping, mass production and manufacturing via our global partners. Our experienced team has mastered many technologies, such as Cold Plates, Heat Pipes, Vapor Chambers, TECs (Thermo Electric Coolers), Phase Change Cooling, System Controlling, and more. This allows us to tailor our solutions per your performance requirements; such as cost, acoustical noise, and environmental needs. 

Our CFD tools include SW such as Cadence’s Celsius EC Solver & DataCenter Digital Twin, ESI’s IC-IDO virtual reality manufacturing platform, ETAP’s electric Digital Twin and more. Optunity also represents the largest manufacturers for Optical components, Fibers and Mechanical parts.



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