Innovative Water-Cooling Solutions for Your Data Centers

Cutting-edge engineering!

Over 20 years at the forefront, working with the most advanced Design & Simulation tools, delivering Thermal / CFD Consulting & innovative Solutions for electronic components, systems, datacenters & mission critical facilities.

Our unique Fluid-to-Air Heat-Exchangers & Burn-In Chambers have revolutionized the industry!

Our solutions seamlessly integrate with the world’s leading companies!

Fluid-to-Air Heat Exchanger

Enables air-cooled facilities, with no water infrastructure, to support water-cooled electronics / systems / critical equipment

• Full redundancy of the cooling & power systems
• Hot Swappable
• High Cooling Capacity per system footprint ratio.
• Cooling Solutions of 55kW, 110kW
• Supports Microsoft’s and Nvidia’s standards & regulations
• Installed at datacenters worldwide, Nvidia, OpenAI…

TOP-C 55

TOP-C 110


Liquid Metal Grease

Thermal Conductivity: 128 W/mK

• Outstanding Outcomes!

This thermal compound promptly decreases temperatures, resulting in reduced equipment noise & enhanced user comfort.

• Following extensive testing, exhibits an exceptionally high thermal conductivity & outstanding stability even after extended usage, or most demanding configurations!

• An optimal choice for highly experienced PC builders due to its extreme heat dissipation & electrical conduction facilitation!

• An extremely practical syringe, makes it easy to apply exactly on the CPU Cooler, the GPU Cooling / heat dissipation rib plates, the heat-sink…

• Liquid Metal thermal solution is compatible with: Computer parts, laptops, MacBooks, Consoles (PS3, 4, 5, Xbox 360, One, Series S and X). High-Performance Computing (HPC) applications.