ProCAST Casting Simulation SW

Simulation allows cast parts manufacturers to test their casting processes fully, virtually, and to enable this early in the process development cycle. Accurate prediction and quantification of defects and right process design are imperative to ‘get it right’ during production trials.

With ESI’s proven casting simulation software ProCAST, you can cast your parts right the first time, every time – meeting your deadlines and never wasting money on scrap parts or late redesigns. ProCAST comprehensively addresses most castable alloys and casting processes such as sand casting, die casting, investment casting, and their multiple process variants. For decades, customers have relied upon ProCAST as their go-to tool for the casting process essentials – filling, solidification, and porosity prediction.

Boasting advanced physics and Finite Element technology, it also predicts complex phenomenon, tracking residual stresses through the process and predicting subsequent deformations leading to dimensional variations and lower die/tool life, as well as compute microstructure, grain structure & mechanical properties, which are much needed for the components to have an increased lifetime.

Highlights of Casting Simulation with ProCAST


  • Comprehensive Porosity Models for piping, shrinkage, micro & gas porosity covering various alloys and process
  • Address various filling-related defects (air entrainment, oxides, surface defects, cold shuts, misrun, …)
  • Track residual stresses and control distortion
  • Predict microstructure evolution & improve mechanical properties
  • Design process to achieve desired grain structure
  • Determine the right production process window and optimize the process
  • Address various other casting processes including Centrifugal, Continuous Casting, DC Casting, Lost Foam, Semi-Solid, …
  • And adjacent processes like Core Blowing, Core Gassing/Drying, Heat Treatment


  • Work hand-in-hand with customers providing part design to check for castability issues as early as possible in the process, to accelerate the start of production
  • Deliver accurate quotes, with precise material cost estimates to safeguard your margins
  • Predict, analyze & quantify the most common casting defects and design process in advance to reduce your scrap rates and expensive reworks, hence securing delivery & quality commitments
  • Improve parts quality to gain new customers

Simulate Die Casting Processes

Simulate Sand Casting Processes

Simulate Investment Casting Processes

ProCast by ESI: Complete Casting process simulation SW