DataCenter Digital Twin SW

Data Center Solutions for Optimized Design and Operations

Cadence offers a software platform for performance-aware design and operational planning of data centers through digital twin technology. Data center professionals can future-proof designs and assess operational decisions in a safe, virtual environment. Cadence data center digital twin offerings enable designers, owners, and operators to balance the need for reliability and efficiency in data centers.

DataCenter Design Software enables engineers to design the next generation of data centers, inside and out, with physics-based simulation powered by computational fluid dynamics (CFD).

DataCenter Insight Platform empowers IT and facilities management teams to collaborate on data center energy and performance optimization via a web-based portal when the data center is operational.

The Next Generation of Data Center Design and Operations Starts Here

Ensure Sustainable Data Center Design and Operations

Ensure Sustainable Data Center Design and Operations.

Visualize Data Center Design and Performance

Visualize data center design layout, airflow, cooling, power, and the impact of changes on operations in a digital twin using simulation.

Collaborate Across Teams and Align Management Efforts

Organize large volumes of data, track changes, and automate reports to ensure the right data gets to the right stakeholders.

Encourage a Proactive Software-Based Approach

Streamline resource utilization planning, meet service level agreements (SLAs), and gain actionable insights.

Cadence data center solutions virtualize the entire data center ecosystem through a variety of features.