Data Center Digital Twin

CFD Simulation & DCIM

 for data center design & operations, using physics-based 3D digital twins

Cadence software virtualizes the entire data center ecosystem:
 your components, your data center, your power and cooling network; everything!


A virtual prototype of the entire IT & facility infrastructure. A digital replica of all physical assets, processes, systems & devices.
The digital twin model is calibrated to reflect its physical counterpart accurately.

Simulates modern control systems (VFDs), secondary configurations, group / staged controls using temperature, pressure, humidity, or velocity sensors.

Optimal layout for new IT by CFD: 

1. Rack Space & Weight
2. Cabinet Power Limit
3. Cooling
4. Air-Flow
5. Power Distribution
6. Thermal Safety Margins
7. Data Network.

For each: Required / Available

May be connected to live data from any BMS & DCIM.

Manage, visualise & predict availability, capacity, efficiency & impact of change, by visualising & quantifying performance.

Models any data center configuration, or cooling strategy, (raised floors, fans, adiabatic evaporative, liquid cooling..

Integrates with environmental monitoring systems, ticketing SW, etc.

An IT Streamline Plot Analysis by CFD Simulation

Underfloor Cooling Analysis by CFD Simulation


1. 8000+ intelligent objects, the most comprehensive DC-specific Library!

2. Specific cabling, ducting & piping layout. Cooling unit controls (return Air), any CRAC fan, spray…

3. A precise view of air delivered from air handlers to rack inlets & to outlets.

4. External Conditions Wizard- humidity, wind profiles, solar intensity, ground roughness, exhaust emission.

5. Populated with buildings, cooling towers, chillers, adiabatic systems, generators.

6. Identify worst-case wind, contaminant pathways, humidity recirculation risk.

7. Monitor the Carbon footprint of IT equipment, embodied & operational.

8. Predict the total carbon footprint of designed data halls.

  • Time based Management + history.
  • Transient simulations- insight to performance fluctuations over time.
  • Predictive Simulation & Modeling. What If simulation to check durability.
  • Increase energy efficiency & lower electrical bills.
  • Time based failure analysis.
  • Design resilient cooling & power failure strategies.
  • 1D Flow Network Solver.
  • Automated reports.
  • Power Load Management- Increase capacity utilization

Case Studies

Used globally by HW manufacturers, design consultants & operators in Colo, Cloud & Enterprise Facilities.

  • CBRE/Bank – Over $1,000,000 a year saved through efficiency & capacity gains
  • Citi Group – $290,000 a year in energy savings
  • Thésée DataCenter – Tier4 Facilities –   New generation Datacenter Campus – Read more
  • Larsen & Toubro- Designing data centers—mission-critical buildings that run 24/7, year-round – Read more
  • Cadence Enhances Data Center Digital Twins with NVIDIA Omniverse – Read more
  • A North American healthcare provider successfully modernizes legacy data centers with digital twin technology – Read more

Thésée DataCenter is providing a sovereign, eco-responsible, colocation data center with the best level of security and availability at a competitive price. With six data center halls, the facility is aimed at mixed and high-density server hosting but in an energy-efficient manner. Their vision is to offer a home-away-from-home data center experience to their customers as if it were their own facility. To do so, they’re using the 6Sigma DCX suite to validate their designs and guarantee the service-level objective of their customers. (2022)

Digital Twin Clients

JP Morgan Chase
Magyar Telecom
Meryll Lynch
Oracle Corporation
Bank of America
BNP Paribas
Vantage DatacentersABN Amro
Royal Bank of Scotland