About us

Optunity LTD. Is an engineering company with R&D, H/W and mechanical teams. 

Specializing in design, simulations and manufacturing of thermal devices in Military, Medical, Marine, Aerospace fields etc. 

Also specializing in advanced Data Center design & CFD simulations, with more than 25 years of experience at edge multidisciplinary areas, such as Thermal Packaging, Phase Change, Aeronautics, Water impingement simulations etc. 

For the thermal packaging projects, we offer a complete ‘Turn-Key’ solution. 

We offer simulation services, simulation SW tools for purchase, Mechanical and Controlling designs, with the added advantage of prototyping, mass production and manufacturing via our global partners. Our experienced team has mastered many technologies, such as Cold Plates, Heat Pipes, Vapor Chambers, TECs (Thermo Electric Coolers), Phase Change Cooling, System Controlling, and more. This allows us to tailor our solutions per your performance requirements; such as cost, acoustical noise, and environmental needs. 

Our CFD tools include SW such as Cadence’s Celsius EC Solver & DataCenter Digital Twin, ESI’s IC-IDO virtual reality manufacturing platform, ETAP’s electric Digital Twin and more. Optunity also represents the largest manufacturers for Optical components, Fibers and Mechanical parts.


Our Team

Elad Harel

Simulations Engineer

Alon Barnoy

R&D Engineer

Hagai Zamir

VP of Business Development

Alon Ashkenazi


Ofek Greenberg

Operations Manager

Michal Cohen

Sales & Marketing Manager

Limor Dvir Stern

Business Development Manager

Jacob Cohen

Thermal Simulations Engineer

Shirat Nitsan

Mechanical Engineer

Rivka Doskoch

SW Engineer

Raphael Boigienman

Projects Specialist

Alon Ashkenazi, CEO

Alon has over 30 years of experience leading High Tech multi-disciplinary projects in High Power Lasers & Photonic Systems, utilizing mechanical, thermal and electronic engineering.

  • M.A. in Mechanical Engineering, Technion
  • M.A. in Oil & Gas Engineering, Technion
  • Photonics Communication, Tel-Aviv University
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