Our unique Fluid-to-Air Heat Exchanger, for liquid cooling at air infrastructures

When Data Center operators contemplate assimilating water-cooled systems/electronics, (such as HPC/Nvidia), into an air-cooled facility, the dichotomy emerges: either eschew this prospect and lag in technological advancement or embark on a facility metamorphosis, necessitating a  multimillion-$ investment in water infrastructure.

Enter our cutting-edge solution: a state-of-the-art Fluid-to-Air Heat Exchanger that not only optimizes cost-effectiveness but also expedites deployment, positioning you at the vanguard of technological efficiency!

TopC enables air-cooled facilities to support water-cooled electronics!

When water infrastructure is nonexistent & water-cooled systems are critical!

» Full redundancy of the cooling & power systems

» Scalable solution, can be parallelly combined.

» Supports Microsoft’s and Nvidia’s standards & regulations

» High Cooling Capacity per system footprint ratio.

» Cooling Solutions of 55kW , 110kw etc.

»  Installed at datacenters worldwide

» Hot Swapable

» Support IPv4 / IPv6

» PWM fans

Clients TopC

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